An official online event that connects you to top universities all over the world

Not familiar with an online fair?

There is no need to overcomplicate it. Here is what you can expect from this event:

  • The Student World Virtual Fair is an online event where you can talk via audio/video with admission directors from top international universities and with government agencies.
  • It takes place in an amazing digital platform created by our team.
  • Once inside the platform, you can search for universities based on your preferences, visit their digital booths to get detail information and chat face to face with their directors.
  • All that, from the comfort of your home.


All the institutions listed below will be available online to speak with you during the virtual fair.


All the information
you need in one place!

#1. Universities
Chat Live with high-ranked international universities from the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and more.
#2. Courses
Compare hundreds of courses and find the right one for you!
#3. Application Process
Learn how easy the application process can actually be!
#4. Costs
Compare the costs and prices of your favorite destinations!
#5. Governments
Learn from Official Government agencies how to apply for your student visa and more!
#6. Job placement
Learn about the opportunities to work during and after your programme!

Studying overseas is easier than you think!

Unsure where or what to study overseas? Well, you’re not alone! Every year millions of students apply for a programme in the world’s most desired destinations but close to 80% of them feel lost during the process.

Join this virtual event to learn absolutely all you need to study overseas!

Research your options

Learn about the variety of options available and how to identify an institution that best fits your needs.

Select a programme

Compare hundreds of courses and find the right one for you!

Start your application process

Plan ahead and understand the requirements and documents needed to apply for your programme.

Apply for your Student Visa

Become familiar with student visa requirements and allow plenty of time to prepare your application.

5 reasons why studying overseas is a must...

#1Improve Employment Opportunities

Want to impress potential employers? Companies around the world continue to invest in the global market, and prefer to hire employees who have international experience. Not to mention knowledge of a 2nd language. Your resume will stand out from everyone else applying for the same position.

#2Personal Development

Break out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with uncommon experiences that make you reconsider (or strengthen) your values. Get a better sense of who you are and what’s important. Discover what you want out of life. Become a more independent person. International travel shows you what you’re really made of.

#3Acquire New Skills

When you study overseas, you can take courses you don’t have the opportunity to take at home. In addition to university classes, you can explore new hobbies or sports that aren’t as popular (or even possible) to practice. Traveling outside your home country is an education in itself, learning to interact with & navigate through a culture different from your own.

#4Build a global network of contacts

Even today, business and jobs are had through old-fashioned human contacts more than any other means. Studying abroad will open up infinite possibilities to you through the people you meet and make you and your address book a valuable asset for potential employers.

#5Learn or Improve a Language

If learning a new language or improving one is on your mind, there's no better place to do it than the country where it's spoken. Even if your graduate program is in English, living with locals in the community will give you numerous opportunities to practice.

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